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American Diabetes Association
Smart Service supports the American Diabetes Association. You can too! Learn about the positive effect the ADA is having on diabetic health world wide.

For Subaru owners manuals, parts manuals and more.

For Subaru Sales and a wealth of Subaru information this is a great starting point. Joe Spitz, a sales manager at Carter Subaru in Seattle has compiled page upon page of Subaru information as well as an up to date inventory of Carter's used cars. If you're looking to purchase a Subaru or just want some questions answered we highly recommend Joe Spitz. Many of our customers have had happy dealings with Joe.

A must when checking out a used car before you buy it. Reports on mileage statements, Lemon law problems, Salvage titles etc.

Car Invoices
A must if you are buying a new car. You can find out the dealer invoice pricing on almost any new vehicle at this website. It allows you to mix and match optional equipment also and prices it accordingly.

Cobb Tuning
For WRX upgrades you can't beat Cobb Tuning for their well balanced approach to performance. Performance parts also available for Legacys, Imprezas and Foresters. Very high quality components. Smart Service now installs many Cobb Tuning components.

Short for Impreza Club. This bulletin board is huge also. It caters to the newer Subaru models with a lot of focus on performance upgrades, rally racing and aftermarket parts for your Subaru.

National Auto Dealer Association. An online price guide for your used car. Prices for retail and trade in values available.

Puget Sound Soccer League
A soccer league that was formed by players for players. This league currently has Premier and First division soccer. WSSA sanctioned, 3 referees per game and not to mention the pristine fields that they play on. Gift certificate for highest goal scorer in each division.

Subaru 360 Drivers Club
Did you know that Subarus were imported to the U.S. back in 1969? The Subaru 360 Club website strives to preserve this Subaru history through education and exchange of information on the vehicle. Lots of great photos and other information. Great resource for finding parts.

Subaru Classifieds
Joe Spitz of Cars101.com has set up a FREE classified ad page online where you can list or buy all sorts of Subarus. Separate from Carter Subaru listings.

AKA Jamie Thomas : A local Subaru fanatic that competes in rally events all over the Pacific N.W. with her Subaru Impreza. As a proud sponsor of Jamie, Smart Service wishes her all the luck this season.

SVX Club
Now the SVX owner has common link with other SVX owners. From performance tips to SVX get togethers, you'll find it here.

Top Subaru Sites
A continuously updated listing of the best and most popular Subaru Related websites from all over the internet. Users vote for their favorite site. You can cast your vote now.