Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Smart Service an authorized Subaru dealer?
NO. Smart Service is not an authorized Subaru dealer and is in no way affiliated with Subaru of America or Fuji Heavy Industries. Work performed at Smart Service is not endorsed nor warranted by Subaru of America, however maintenance work (like 30k, 60k services etc) will not void factory warranties. 

2. Does Smart Service warranty their work?
Yes, We proudly stand behind our work for 24 months or 24,000 miles in most cases. (Exceptions on used parts, customer supplied parts, etc.)

3. Will my manufacturer warranty be voided if I have work performed outside of the dealer network?
Having service and repair work done outside of the Subaru dealership network will not void your manufacturer warranty unless it is proven that the work performed or part installed on the vehicle resulted in failure of the warrantable item. We have a factory-trained staff of ASE master technicians and incorporate genuine Subaru parts into our repairs along with high quality aftermarket parts. For additional information refer to the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act

4. Does Smart Service perform Warranty or Recall work?
Factory warranty repairs as well as factory recalls must be done at a Subaru dealer. We can perform extended warranty work with the one exception of Subaru Added Security which also must be performed at a dealer. Regular maintenance is not considered a warranty repair and anything we do from oil changes to major services will keep your factory warranty valid.

5. My car broke down on the after hours or on the weekend... what do I do?
First, call your preferred towing company and have them tow it to our shop. We will fit it into our schedule as quickly as possible. We have night drop envelopes on the front of the building for your convenience or the tow truck drivers. If you are an AAA member just call the number listed on your card. Doug's Towing is also a reputable tow company (425-508-4488) Please call and leave us a voice mail or email us at [email protected] with the details of the breakdown and we will contact you.

6. How do I "Night Drop" my car after hours?
If you need to bring your vehicle in after hours we have a night drop system for your convenience. Just park your car and lock it up in any available parking spot. Next, you’ll find our night drop box full of envelopes on the front of the building under the American Flag. Fill out the envelope to the best of your ability, sign it, and drop it in the slot below the night drop box. We’ll contact you once we get your car checked in.

7. Do you have a body and paint shop?
Although we don’t have an onsite body shop, we’ve been working hand in hand with Aldercrest Auto Rebuild since the inception of our business. Their expertise on Subarus has been exceptional and all of our customers have been very happy with their results. They’re just a couple of exits North of us on I-5. Whether it’s a full-blown paint job or a free estimate we’re sure you’ll be happy.

Aldercrest Auto Rebuild- Owner Nick Stack
2415 196th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036

8. My check engine light is on, should I worry?
In most cases the check engine light is not going to be an emergency situation. If the light comes on, pay attention if the car runs any worse. If the car is still running well and the light is on constantly we suggest getting it in at your earliest convenience but in most cases it won’t cause any major issues or reliability problems. If the light is flashing on and off it signifies a major problem and the car should be shut off and towed in for repair. Also if the light comes on and the car runs significantly worse at the time we advise towing the vehicle in also. Neglecting to do this could cause engine or exhaust damage.

9. My parking lights are stuck on even with my key off, what do I do?
This is a common question that is easily solved. On the top of the steering column there is a small switch with a "P" on it. This is often bumped when getting in or out of the car. Simply switching it off should solve your problem.

10. Is it true that I may need 4 new tires if only one goes bad?
Yes, this is true if you have an All Wheel Drive Subaru. There are a few reasons for this. As a tire wears it’s outside circumference becomes smaller. If a new tire is placed on a car with 3 used tires it will usually have a bigger circumference and therefore roll at a slightly different speed when driving. This speed difference can be enough over time to cause damage to the AWD portion of the transmission. If you have an older Front Wheel Drive Subaru than you can replace your tires in pairs with the new pair going on the front and the 2 best used tires going to the back.

11. I’ve just replaced my battery now my parking lights are flashing. What do I do?
With many Subarus that have factory installed alarm systems this may be a normal response. When the vehicle has the battery disconnected it resets the alarm control unit to prompt you to reprogram it. Consult your owners manual on your particular system to reset the system. (or call us!)

12. I just had my oil changed and I think it’s low, What should I do?
Sometimes it may be as simple as misreading the dipstick. Keep in mind that when checking your oil a few things can affect the readings. First, the car must be on level ground. Second, the engine must be shut off for a few minutes for the oil to drain back to the pan. (on the horizontally opposed engines it just takes longer. First thing in the morning before starting the car is the most accurate way to measure. The oil level should read between the two holes in the dipstick but below the notch in the edge of the dipstick. If the oil falls below the lowest hole then add 1 quart of oil and recheck it.