Are you looking around for where to buy your Subaru in the Seattle area? We highly recommend buying your new or used Subaru from Joe Spitz.

Joe is an exceptional individual I have had the pleasure of knowing since we opened 1999. He the internet sales manager for Carter Subaru of Shoreline.

I send all of my customers to him including my mother AND mother-in-law for their Subaru purchases. Joe has a simple no-nonsense approach that most people really appreciate.

You can contact him at or request him if you visit Carter Subaru. Also, try his website at to find an encyclopedia of knowledge about current and past Subaru models.  Lastly, make sure to check out our post on 4 tips for buying a used Subaru.



  1. vladimir briza
    January 18, 2012 Reply

    i am interested in buying a new legacy base model six speed man. tran.Would consider low miles used.

    • Mike Corbin
      January 18, 2012 Reply

      Hi Vladimir,

      Please contact Joe Spitz with any Subaru purchase requests at and he can help you.

  2. Colin
    January 18, 2012 Reply

    Hi Mike,

    Looking for a used subaru, want to spend around $4-6k.So…. I was wondering if you had a place on your that overviews the different generations reliability. I have had a 92 legacy, 96 2.2l outback, and a 2001 legacy. Looking for an outback… probably in the 2000-2004 generation, but like the 2005’s and am finding some in my price range. But have heard recently that the 2005-2007 years aren’t very good… in addition to the common headgaskets…. also problems with clutches, wheel bearings and some other random high cost issues. Is this true? What would be the best generation in terms of reliability? Is there some place that overviews this on your site?

    Thank you!

    • Mike Corbin
      January 18, 2012 Reply

      Hi Colin,

      Well it may surprise you but in my experience, the best generation of Subaru in terms of overall reliability with minimal expense has been the 95-98 2.2 engine equipped Subarus. (Legacys and Imprezas). Standard or Automatic, doesn’t make a difference but these engines were just bullet proof.

      Beyond it seems that the 05 Subarus (non turbos) have had a lower incidence of head gasket issues thus far but it may take more time to really know. The other cars that have proven very reliable are the 2002-2005 2.0 Wrx’s. It may be hard to find one of these that hasn’t been driven hard or modified for your price range but it’s certainly one to look at. One last comment about a model that’s been pretty reliable although can start to develop some messy oil leaks over the years are the 6cyl equipped Subarus. We rarely replace head gaskets on those and they are a very nice car to drive.

      Good luck in your search,

      Mike Corbin
      Smart Service
      Your Independent Subaru Expert

  3. Colin
    January 18, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for the prompt feedback!!

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