I can’t see out of my Subaru!
Improving visibility

One of the most difficult driving conditions to deal with in the fall and winter is visibility. What good is all wheel drive if you can’t see where you’re going?

I have a few pointers that can improve things dramatically.

  • Wiper Blades. In our climate, they seem to last around a year or sometimes less if the car is parked outside. Take the time to wipe down the edges of the blades with a clean cloth. A wiper that may seem worn out may just need cleaning.
  • Glass Scrub. Ever put on new wipers and still have difficulty seeing through those hard water spots? A product called glass scrub solves that problem.
  • Headlight lenses.Most Subaru headlights are now made of a plastic composite that fades over the years. If they are cloudy you can loose up to 50% of the light that’s meant to illuminate the road ahead. We can perform a restorative polishing procedure that clears up the lenses for 1-2 years before they fade again. The ultimate is to replace the lenses’ but with a $200-400 price tag per headlight, this isn’t the most cost effective solution.
  • Headlight Bulbs. There have been major improvements in headlight technology over the past few years. Sylvania now offers an amazing headlight bulb called the “Silverstar” or “Silverstar Ultra” which are plug and play and provide up to 40% further down the road visibility and 50% better roadside visibility along with a “whiter” light. They are more expensive than a standard bulb but once you try them you’ll probably never go back to the old ones. I use them in all my vehicles.
  • Foglights.  Subaru foglights are handy when they work but because they’re so low to the ground they become broken and we neglect to replace them. Get them now before the fog and snow.
  • Windshield. Get those rock chips done now before the cold weather arrives. If moisture gets inside and freezes it may develop into a crack. Most insurance companies waive the deductible and cover the repair 100%. FYI Smart Service does rock chip repairs at both locations and we bill the insurance companies for you.
  • Glass Treatment. If you really want all around visibility, think about applying a product called “RainX” to your side and rear windows. It keeps the windows clearer and beads up the water so that it blows off as you drive. I don’t advise it on the front since it can cause the wipers to chatter.


Mike Corbin

Independent Subaru Expert

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