“I told you we should have taken care of that last week!”

Is your Subaru ready for Summer vacation?

We’re ready whenever you are!

Summer is a busy time around the Northwest. Our calendars are full with student graduations, weddings, sports and of course the much  anticipated Summer vacation!

With all this going on it can be a major inconvenience to be without your Subaru so we’re encouraging you to get caught up on anything you’ve been putting off on your Subaru.

Whether it’s a week at Ocean Shores with horseback rides and go carts or a weekend at Lake Chelan for summer fun and watersports, you need your Subaru to perform.

Are those brakes still adequate to make it safely over the mountain passes? When’s the last time someone looked at my tire tread? Can my cooling system and hoses hold up to one more season of Summer heat? Is my engine properly serviced to achieve the optimum fuel economy?

All you may need is a simple oil change and safety inspection and you’re good to go. Some cars may need much more depending on their age and mileage. The important thing is that you ask the important questions and if you can’t answer them, ask a professional that can. We’ll happily fix any Subaru that breaks down but would rather help you take the necessary measures to prevent the breakdown in the first place. Money up front for smart maintenance is much less expensive in the long run than the expense of breakdowns along with missed work, towing and in many cases, not being around your favorite shop for the repair.

No matter where you have your work done, start making arrangements now. Auto repair shops tend to get very busy in the Summer. Start making plans now so you’re not stuck with the crowd that has to wait 2 weeks just to get in.

Happy motoring,

Mike Corbin

Smart Service

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  1. Quyen
    May 17, 2010 Reply

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve been a customer for a few years and wanted to ask a question about towing a 2000 lb travel trailer with a 2007 2.5L engine. I’ve read some online discussions, but would like to hear it from someone I trust to work on my vehicle.

    • Mike Corbin
      May 17, 2010 Reply

      Hi Quyen,
      On your 07 Outback has a maximum of 2700lb trailer weight and 200lb tongue weight. Your trailer should be within specs but would require trailer brakes. (Trailer cannot be more than 40% of gross combined vehicle weight without trailer brakes)

      That being said, I think long trips with that much weight may be a bit hard on the car on long trips, going over passes etc. If you’re ever upgrading I’d shoot for something 1500lbs or less if possible.

      Feel free to call us if you have any further questions.

      Smart Service

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