What do you do for fun either with or without your Subaru. It seems to be an outdoors theme with Subaru. One of my fun addictions is fishing. Once you’ve been hooked you’ll know what I mean. It kind of grows on you once you start having a little success and the more success you have the more you want to fish! I’ve even been know to go through withdrawl when the boat was broken down (which has been alot this year).

The wonderful thing about our state is and most of the Pacific N.W. is there are fishing opportunities in every direction you drive. From local stocked ponds to Ocean fishing on the West side of Vancouver island.

I’m curious how many Subaru owners out there share this affliction? Is it our makeup or just a random thing.  I am still a rookie by far in the fishing world but I’m always a little better than the year before.

Good luck to all of you that are out after your favorite catch this year!

Mike Corbin

Smart Service

Independent Subaru Expert (and fishing novice!)

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