Hello All!

My Subie and i have made it about 2000 miles from lovely Western Washington. I have seen much along the road, and certainly met an innumerable amount of good people as i’ve strolled along.  It seems this country is full of them. Today i write to you from Elgin, a small suburb outside of Chicago. I plan to make my way into the big city this afternoon for a trip to the zoo. Perhaps even a deep dish pizza, if i make a few bucks street performing.

My glorious little car is running as strong as ever, the little four cylinder tackled  mountains of Yellowstone, and day long drives through the flatness of the west.  With any luck i’ll keep heading east and find the Atlantic ocean in the next few weeks.

This is the furthest east i’ve been, and i’ve still got a ways to go.


A side shot of Washington at Mt. Rushmore, in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota.
A side shot of Washington at Mt. Rushmore, in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota.









Mike Corbin
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