Flat rate pay system explained for Subaru owners…LONG POST

How Flat Rate  works and why I don’t believe it’s  good for the Subaru owner or any car owner for that matter.  In today’s auto repair industry there is a pay system that has been around since the dealers broke the Auto Mechanics Union  in the late 1970’s. It’s called the “Flat Rate pay system”. Pay […]

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My First Subaru – What’s your story?

Many of us can remember our first car. Mine wasn’t a Subaru. As a matter of fact, when I bought my first car in highschool in 1981 I didn’t even know what a Subaru was.(1967 Mustang coupe with 35k original miles).  I still had no clue what a Subaru was until I was hired as an […]

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Dads Must Read!

I was approached by our booster club president at our local elementary school about a program called WatchD.O.G.S. It stands for “Dads Of Great Students” and is a simple program to get dads involved in their childrens school. Most of us Dads spend our day at work while our kids are in school. Our kids […]

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Nine Eleven What were you doing?

Each 9/11 brings me back vividly to the morning of the 11th. On the evening of the 10th we had just returned home in the fameous Smart Service 350,000 mile Subaru Legacy with our new baby boy-Matthew. Just figuring out what to do once you get the newborn  home was exciting and overwhelming  for my […]

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Mike’s background part II

The Shoreline Community College automotive program was very enlightening to me. I was surprised that after going through the first year of classroom/hands on training how many student’s just weren’t going to make it. Out of about 20 students I’ll bet only 3 or 4 made successful careers in the automotive industry. After completing the […]

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Mike’s background Part 1

I’ll lead in with a question I’m asked frequently by my Subaru customers. Mike, How did you decide to go into Subaru? Well, kind of a long story but here it goes. Back when I was younger I had a Seattle Times paper route. My goal was to save up enough so that when I […]

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