Which Subaru to buy before winter? 1981-2004

Buying your first Subaru can be a daunting task. Buying any vehicle can be a challenge but a Subaru is a bit more unique than most vehicles out there.  Here’s what a Subaru looked like in 1971. Things have changed alot since then as you might imagine. Read on and you’ll learn about the good, […]

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Subaru Turbo Owners-Important Oil News!

I wanted to pass along some very important information that Subaru has recently broadcast to it’s dealer network regarding recommended oil and required oil types on  Subaru turbocharged models. Subaru states the following about it’s Genuine Subaru 5w-30 Synthetic Oil: Recommended for (2010 and prior) Turbo-charged Subarus Required on all 2011 turbocharged Subarus (Exception-2011 Forester requires […]

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Rock Chip Repairs at Smart Service on all makes

We now offer rock chip repairs at both Smart Service locations for your convenience. We can perform repairs on all makes and models (not just Subarus) Price ranges from FREE depending on your insurance policy up to $44.95 It takes about 30 minutes or less. [su_button url=”https://www.smart-service.com/content/6-services-performed” style=”flat” icon=”icon: automobile” title=”Click here to discover the […]

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Subaru owners take time to have fun!

What do you do for fun either with or without your Subaru. It seems to be an outdoors theme with Subaru. One of my fun addictions is fishing. Once you’ve been hooked you’ll know what I mean. It kind of grows on you once you start having a little success and the more success you […]

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Your Subaru guys win AAA Top Shop Award again!

We would like to thank our customers for their valuable and candid input over the years. Your input and the surveys you’ve filled out for AAA have once again allowed us to be recognized by AAA with their “Top Shop Award” This is our 6th consecutive year winning the award. All of us at Smart Service […]

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Get your Subaru ready for Summer Travel

Is your Subaru ready for Summer vacation? We’re ready whenever you are! Summer is a busy time around the Northwest. Our calendars are full with student graduations, weddings, sports and of course the much  anticipated Summer vacation! With all this going on it can be a major inconvenience to be without your Subaru so we’re […]

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Which Subaru head gasket is best?

If you’re finally going to have your head gaskets done on your Subaru it’s only smart to choose the best possible gasket available.  For a while, the only option was a genuine Subaru head gasket. Now we offer a solution that is arguably better than anything Subaru currently has to offer for the Phase 2 […]

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Subaru WRX Recall Fuel Smell Fuel Leak

I just wanted to pass along some information about a recent recall that Subaru put out for Subaru 2002 and 2003 WRX vehicles with possible fuel leakage issues and fuel smell on cold days. Below is a link to the letter that Subaru has been sending out to WRX owners. Please take the time to read it. […]

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Subaru Head Gasket, Will Subaru pay for repair?

Many Subaru owners have been faced with the dreaded head gasket failure on their Subaru. There has been much discussion about what the problem is, why it happened etc. I would like to discuss another subject that doesn’t come up often. Is there any way Subaru will pay for my head gasket repair and how […]

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