subaru-xv-crosstrek-hybridIt was an attempt at what Subaru owners have been wanting for years but unfortunately has fallen short of the mark. For years consumers have been pushing Subaru to offer us a hybrid. Pretty much everyone else in the market had been producing hybrids for quite some time so Subaru finally had to do something. Unfortunately they really weren’t ready in my opinion but they still came out with the 2014 Crosstrek XV Hybrid. The first thing I noticed upon reading  the new 2014 brochure for the Crosstrek Hybrid was that  the 2014 Impreza non-hybrid offering actually got better fuel mileage than the hybrid Crosstrek! I was floored.  I was hoping that this was just a quick hitter to appease the Subaru entheusiasts that had to have a hybrid but unfortunately after just a couple years of production and no significant improvements Subaru has decided to discontinue the model. They were certainly very well equipped zippy little cars if you judged them strictly on the fun and comfort factor but unfortunately I think that 90% of us wanted something that would get the best fuel mileage in all Subaru had to offer.

I hope they can learn from this and come back with a better offering to top the fuel mileage list. Whether it is a hybrid or diesel, they have to know that Subaru owners want to get better mileage while reducing their total carbon footprint. Good luck Subaru!



Mike Corbin
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