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We are now proudly offering Smart Head Gasket Kits! Don't cut corners with an inferior gasket when you decide to take the steps to repair your Subaru. Head gaskets are a known problem and you may read stories of multiple repairs and lot's of headaches. Here at Smart Service, we believe in the "fix it once, fix it right" philosophy. We are a repair shop independent of Subaru and its dealers, located right here in the Pacific Northwest, and we are not novices when it comes to head gasket repairs. Not only do we sell these gaskets to other shops and the general public, we have been using them here since 2008 and have sold or installed over 527 sets. Before 2008 we had been using Genuine Subaru gaskets because we had not found a suitable aftermarket alternative, and as some of you reading this may know, Subaru updated their gaskets but never fully fixed the problems and we had seen some of them come back even with the updated gaskets. Then we found Six Star and have never looked back. Warranty repairs and repeat problems have virtually disappeared, and so should any of your worries about these head gaskets. For purchase and price information, please see our product page HERE

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Head Gaskets, Kits, and Related Parts
Head Gasket Kits
We have a wide range of head gasket replacement kits, individual components, and maintenance items available for either your mechanic or yourself. These are superior to any other gasket on the market, and we offer the support and piece of mind of a shop that has been happily using them for years.
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Transmission Snout Repair Kits
Grooving and wear on the transmission snout can cause clutch vibration, chatter, and uneven engagement. This aluminum sleeve presses onto the snout and with the use of an oversize throwout bearing, chatter and wear are eliminated without having to replace the transmission case halves.
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Timing Belt Components
With any head gasket or timing belt job, it is always a good idea to be prepared for worn items such as idlers and water pumps. Even if they are not worn the labor savings make it a very smart move to replace these items as preventative maintenance. You will have far fewer headaches if you know that all the components hidden behind the timing belt have been addressed.
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