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TranQuil Sleeve Kit

The TranQuil Sleeve Kit is the "practical solution" for the notorious grooving of the quill that occurs on Subaru transmissions. Grooving of the quill causes:

  • Clutch chatter
  • Uneven engagement
  • Premature clutch and throw-out bearing failure

TranQuil Logo Sleeve Kit

Now you can solve this problem and its results permanently with the TranQuil Sleeve Kit!

  • Takes less than 10 minutes to install, while replacing the clutch assembly
  • Does not require any modification or machining
  • Removable and reusable when doing transmission repairs that require splitting the case
  • Gives a noticeable smoothness to the clutch engagement
  • Eliminates noisy clutch linkage rattles
  • Allows you to keep your job completion time
  • Frees up the bay and mechanic
  • Eliminates the chance of costly mistakes in replacing the case
  • Eliminates towing expense and/or rental cars!

Kit comes complete with oversized release bearing instructions.

Divider Purchase Options

Currently we have applications for the Subaru line with many other car lines in process. If you have this problem & you do not see your line listed below, please let us know, as that could have some influence on our production schedule.

TSK1 Models: $149.95 Add to Cart
Forester: 1998 - 2011 (Non-turbo)
Impreza: 1993 - 2011 (Non-turbo, 5 speed)
Legacy: 1990 - 2011 (Non-turbo, 5 speed)
TSK2 Models: $209.95 Add to Cart
Impreza: All turbo models with pull style (02-05 WRX) excludes STi
Legacy: Turbo 2.2 91-94
Baja: All turbo models 04-06
Forester: All turbo/XT models 03-05
TSK3 Models: $209.95 Add to Cart
Trans Snout Kit fits all Subaru 2005 and up turbo models with push style clutch except STi. This includes 2005-2011 Legacy GT, Forester XT, and WRX models.