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Head Gasket

Six-Star® Head gaskets are a multi-layer stainless steel head gasket engineered to insure years of longevity for your Subaru.

We believe so strongly in these gaskets that we exclusively use Six-Star® brand head gaskets on all of the phase1 and phase2 2.5 liter engines we repair at Smart Service.

We all know that a head gasket issue can be one of the biggest headaches you’ll ever run into on your Subaru. We only use Six-Star® gaskets at Smart Service when we perform a head gasket repair because we want it to be the final time you ever have to replace your head gaskets.

In our opinion, they are currently the best gasket available for the repair.

About Six-Star® Head Gaskets Layers

The Viton rubber coating is one of Dupont’s high performance elastomers. In technical terms, Viton flouroelastomer rubber based material will easily handle temperatures from -40° to over 400ºF with the ability to withstand temperatures up to over 700°F for short periods.

The composition of these gaskets along with the interlocking embossments create unsurpassed sealing properties making Six-Star® Head Gaskets the ultimate choice for your all aluminum Subaru engine.

Why Choose Six-Star®? Close Up

The unique design and properties of the multi-layered stainless steel gasket combined with superior ability of the Viton coating to withstand heat, chemicals and corrosion, it may be the last head gasket replacement you’ll ever need for your Subaru engine. Not to mention, you’ll never need to use the Subaru Coolant Additive ever again on your engine.

Engine Type Identification

Phase 1= All 2.5 Liter Legacy Outback 1995-1999, Forester 1998, Impreza RS 1998.

Phase 2= 2000 and newer Legacy and Legacy Outback, Impreza RS/TS/Outback Sport 1999+, and Forester 1999+. Excludes 2000-2001 Impreza Outback Sport and all turbocharged models 04+ (WRX, STi, Legacy GT, Forester XT and Outback XT).

Head Gasket Set (Gaskets Only, 2 Included)

Standard shipping will be UPS Ground Continental US for all Head Gaskets. Please allow up to 24 hours of handling time. Ground will be delivered in 3-5 business days after that, faster options are available at checkout.

Phase 1 DOHC 2.5L $108.00 (Set of 2) Add to Cart
Phase 2 SOHC 2.5L $108.00 (Set of 2) Add to Cart

Full Head Gasket Parts Kits
Smart Service is proud to offer a head gasket seal kit that includes the popular Six Star head gaskets paired with equally high quality parts that you and your Subaru can depend on.
Head Gasket Kit
Phase 1 DOHC 2.5L $450.00 Add to Cart
Phase 2 SOHC 2.5L $380.00 Add to Cart
*Unsure which one you need? See above for full fitment description. Please make sure to fill out vehicle info upon checkout to ensure proper timing belt is included in your kit. VIN is not needed in most cases, however we will contact you if more specific info is needed.

Also, picture may not exactly match kit received, valve covers in 2006+ model years no longer use grommets etc, you will receive kit specific to your vehicle.

Ph1 Kit Includes: -Cylinder Head Gaskets (2) -Valve Cover Gasket Kit -Front Cam Seals (4) -Front Crank Seal -Rear Main Seal -Timing Belt -Water Pipe Orings (2) -Intake Manifold Gaskets (2) -Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (2) -Oil Fill Neck Oring -Oil Pump Oring -Rear Piston Access Oring -Rear Valve Cover Half Moons (4) -Oil Filter and Crush Washer

Ph2 Kit Includes:-Cylinder Head Gaskets (2) -Valve Cover Gasket Kit -Front Cam Seals (2) -Front Crank Seal -Rear Main Seal -Timing Belt -Water Pipe Orings (2) -Intake Manifold Gaskets (2) -Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (2) -Oil Fill Neck Oring -Rear Cylinder Head Plugs (2) -Thermostat Kit (With Gasket) -Rear Piston Plug Oring -Oil Filter and Crush Washer

Head Gasket "Essentials" Kit

Includes: Head gaskets, valve cover gasket set, intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets, oil filter, and oil drain plug gasket.

These are the bare essentials that will be needed to perform a head gasket repair, while the other items included in our full kit are recommended (rear seals, cam seals, crank seal etc) they are not required to replace head gaskets, and if you are attempting to perform the repairs in-car you will not need some items in our full kit. We can always build a custom kit for you with any add-ons desired. This will keep your budget to a minimum while still ensuring the best head gaskets are fitted onto your car, avoiding future headaches with inferior gaskets.
Head Gasket Essentials
Phase 1 DOHC 2.5L $279.95 Add to Cart
Phase 2 SOHC 2.5L $209.95 Add to Cart

Add Ons (Water Pump,Timing Belt Components, Head Bolts)
Also available are components for the timing belt and water pump, while these may not be required for your repair, they are always good items to do as preventative maintenance and are much easier to access with the engine work being done.

Please note: Water pumps have stamped impellers and are high quality Japanese replacements, we can no longer find cast impeller versions that are reliable.

Head bolts, while not necessarily required as long as torque procedures are followed, are recommended by the manufacturer with any head gasket job.
Water Pump and Idlers
Engine Front

Timing Belt $85.00 Add to Cart
Water Pump $80.00 Add to Cart
Tensioner and Idlers $249.95 Add to Cart
Thermostat Kit $25.00 Add to Cart
Head Bolts SOHC Phase 2 $84.95 Add to Cart
Head Bolts DOHC Phase 1 $134.95 Add to Cart

Rear Seperator Plate Kit
Also available are the necessary items to replace your rear seperator plate. Many Phase 1 engines came with a plastic plate at the rear of the engine from the factory, and over time the plastic will warp and leak. If you have this engine, and are unsure which yours is equipped with, we highly recommend this kit with the upgraded aluminum plate. Transmission removal is required if doing this by itself instead of with head gasket replacement.
Seperator Plate Kit

Seperator Plate Kit $34.95 Add to Cart

Tune Up Package
Why not invest a little more into your car and bring the other service items up to speed when doing a large repair? See below for our different levels but rest assured all are quality parts, some are Genuine and others OEM, and replacing items like the spark plugs is always easier when performing engine work. We unfortunately cannot sell and ship items like coolant due to hazardous materials restrictions; if local we are glad to sell Genuine Subaru coolant over the counter.
Level 1: Air Filter, Spark Plugs
Level 2: Air Filter, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter
Level 3: Air Filter, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter, Serpentine Belts

Tune Up Kit

Level 1, Phase 1 $75.00 Add to Cart
Level 1, Phase 2 $30.00 Add to Cart
Level 2, Phase 1 $105.00 Add to Cart
Level 2, Phase 2 $60.00 Add to Cart
Level 3, Phase 1 $135.00 Add to Cart
Level 3, Phase 2 $90.00 Add to Cart

*Prices are for online purchase only, prices in store may vary, inquire about pricing if we are performing work in-house.