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About the Cobb/Smart Service Partnership

Back in May of 1999 when Smart Service opened we were intently focused on providing the best independent Subaru repair and service possible. As you might imagine, there wasn’t much demand for Subaru performance products back then. Within a couple of years though, our customers began expressing interest in performance options for their Subarus. Along with that, the Subaru WRX was rumored to be coming to the U.S. market.

We began doing research to see what our best possible options were. Our goal was to find a company to provide us with a quality product line that we could offer our customers.

The following criteria were set:

  • The product had to provide a measurable increase in performance
  • Have the same quality fit and finish as the original Subaru part it was replacing
  • The product must be reliable
  • It must perform as advertised

We interviewed our own customers, monitored web postings, and inspected many aftermarket products that were out there. We came to the conclusion that there was a lot of hype out there, but few products actually delivered on the promises of the performance or quality that they advertised.

We then discovered Trey Cobb of Cobb Tuning. Cobb Tuning was a Subaru specific performance shop with the philosophy of increasing performance without sacrificing reliability. At the time his company was the distributor of APS products along with a small line up of their own product. We inspected a few local vehicles equipped with Cobb products and we were sold. The quality was outstanding and thought was put into each design. We began offering their products to our own customers. The results were positive.

Over time, Cobb’s lineup of products increased. We liked what we saw, so we committed to become their authorized Washington reseller. Next while further promoting the Cobb lineup, we became their Washington State Cobb Dealer.

Cobb’s continued commitment to providing the highest quality product and cutting edge technology gives us the confidence that we are providing our customers with the very best in Subaru performance.