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Subaru Parts Online is now open!


Smart Service has just launched our online parts store  We have chosen to offer the same parts quality Subaru parts we use day in and day out on our own customers cars. Six-Star head gaskets, Tranquil Transmission sleeve kits, timing belts, etc. are among the offerings. All parts come with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty. Check back often as we are always expanding our selection. For you head gasket DIY’ers we even have a complimentary head gasket installation guide with our head gasket kits!

We value your input so please let us know if there’s something else you’d like to see offered on the site.



Mike Corbin

Smart Service your Independent Subaru Expert


Subaru Parts for Sale


Online Store

Did you know you can buy parts for your Subaru at either of our Subaru locations or at our online store? It’s true.  We stock a wide variety of fast moving genuine Subaru parts as well as a large selection of quality aftermarket and OEM parts for your Subaru.  We have Six-Star Subaru head gasket kits as well as other Six-Star offerings. Check us out at:


Mike Corbin
Smart Service – Your Independent Subaru Expert

Which head gasket is best for a Subaru?

If you’re finally going to have your head gaskets done on your Subaru it’s only smart to choose the best possible gasket available at that time . For a while the only option was a genuine Subaru gasket. Now we offer a solution that is arguably better than anything Subaru currently has to offer for the phase 2 2.5 engine. Plus you’ll no longer be required to install the Subaru Coolant Additive to your cooling system. Stay tuned for more detail as I add to this blog or stop by in person for more info.

MikeQuite possibly the last head gasket you'll ever need for your Subaru

Updated: June 2010

Six-Star® Head gaskets are a multi-layer stainless steel head gasket engineered to insure years of longevity for your Subaru.

We believe so strongly in these gaskets that we exclusively use Six-Star® brand head gaskets on all of the phase1 and phase2 2.5 engines we repair at Smart Service.

Click here to view our Six-Star Head Gaskets

We all know that a head gasket issue can be one of the biggest headaches you’ll ever run into on your Subaru. We only use Six-Star® gaskets at Smart Service when we perform a head gasket repair because we want it to be the final time you ever have to replace your head gaskets.

In our opinion, they are currently the best gasket available for the repair.

In comparison to the original single layer head gaskets your Subaru originally was equipped with, these head gaskets are comprised of three layers of stainless steel. Stainless steel is used for added strength, it’s ability to rebound, and it’s natural resistance to corrosion.  They are constructed of 3 layers. The inner core is a layer of flat stainless steel sandwiched between and riveted to 2 layers of .010 embossed stainless with a flouroelastomer Viton coating.

The Viton rubber coating is one of Dupont’s high performance elastomers. In technical terms, Viton flouroelastomer rubber based material will easily handle temperatures from -40° to over 400ºF with the ability to withstand temperatures up to over 700°F for short periods.

The composition of these gaskets along with the interlocking embossments create unsurpassed sealing properties making Six-Star® Head Gaskets the ultimate choice for your all aluminum Subaru engine.

No More Coolant Additive!

The unique design and properties of the multi-layered stainless steel gasket combined with superior ability of the Viton coating to withstand heat, chemicals and corrosion, it may be last head gasket replacement you’ll ever need for your Subaru engine. Not to mention, you’ll never need to use the Subaru Coolant Additive ever again on your engine.