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What do Subaru owners do for fun?

From Two time Zones away..

Hello All!

My Subie and i have made it about 2000 miles from lovely Western Washington. I have seen much along the road, and certainly met an innumerable amount of good people as i’ve strolled along.  It seems this country is full of them. Today i write to you from Elgin, a small suburb outside of Chicago. I plan to make my way into the big city this afternoon for a trip to the zoo. Perhaps even a deep dish pizza, if i make a few bucks street performing.

My glorious little car is running as strong as ever, the little four cylinder tackled  mountains of Yellowstone, and day long drives through the flatness of the west.  With any luck i’ll keep heading east and find the Atlantic ocean in the next few weeks.

This is the furthest east i’ve been, and i’ve still got a ways to go.


A side shot of Washington at Mt. Rushmore, in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota.

A side shot of Washington at Mt. Rushmore, in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota.









Mike Corbin
Smart Service – Your Independent Subaru Expert



Jack Johnson’s Cross Country Subaru Adventure

Jack Johnson is a Subaru owner and a long time friend of the family that is taking an epic road trip around our wonderful nation in his 1996 Subaru Impreza with over 220 thousand miles on it.

We’ve prepped his car and now he’s ready to disembark. Jack will be posting regularly about his adventure on our blog so stay tuned!



Mike Corbin
Smart Service – Your Independent Subaru Expert

Smart Service turns 15! Happy Birthday
















Well, this May, Smart Service turned 15 years old. I thought it would be fun to post some pictures we’ve taken over the years for those of you who’ve known us from the start.  We couldn’t have been more blessed to have the customer support that you’ve shown over the years as well as I feel so fortunate to have such a great group of Subaru enthusiasts  working here.

Thanks to your support and a lot of hard work by the employees of Smart Service we’ve gone from a 1 man shop to a 2 location shop with over 13 full time employees.

Thank you all again and we hope to be around for another 15 and beyond!


Take care,


Mike and Samantha Corbin and the rest of the staff at Smart Service including:

A.J. Temple, John Melseth, Ron Mackenzie, Kevin Cyr, Charlie Krieg, Arturo Tolentino, Matt Olsen, Tom Hoag, Dan Rodriguez, Walt Westerinen, Tom Dahlen, Larry Friesner and Lois Rule







Subaru owners take time to have fun!

What do you do for fun either with or without your Subaru. It seems to be an outdoors theme with Subaru. One of my fun addictions is fishing. Once you’ve been hooked you’ll know what I mean. It kind of grows on you once you start having a little success and the more success you have the more you want to fish! I’ve even been know to go through withdrawl when the boat was broken down (which has been alot this year).

The wonderful thing about our state is and most of the Pacific N.W. is there are fishing opportunities in every direction you drive. From local stocked ponds to Ocean fishing on the West side of Vancouver island.

I’m curious how many Subaru owners out there share this affliction? Is it our makeup or just a random thing.  I am still a rookie by far in the fishing world but I’m always a little better than the year before.

Good luck to all of you that are out after your favorite catch this year!

Mike Corbin

Smart Service

Independent Subaru Expert (and fishing novice!)