Free Subaru Headlight Replacement!

2010-2012-legacy-outback-headlampIf you own a 2010-2012 Subaru Outback or Legacy you will be pleased to hear that Subaru has just issued extended warranty coverage on the low  beam headlight bulb extending to 10 years from the date of purchase.

Many of you may have received a letter from Subaru explaining this but if not you may still be covered. The letter states that the extended coverage applies to 2010-2012 Legacy through Aug 8, 2011 production and Outback through Aug 22,2011 production date. It’s coverage extends for 10 years from the purchase date of the vehicle regardless of mileage. If your headlights are OK there is no action needed. It is not a recall. The letter also stated that if you had to pay to have one of the headlights replaced in the past, that you may qualify for reimbursement if you can provide an invoice and proof of payment. To get reimbursement for any previously installed bulbs, you must submit your information by November 17, 2016 This is a great development considering how often some of the headlights were burning out as well as how hard they are to replace compared to prior Subarus.   If you have any questions for Subaru on how to submit a claim call 1-855-384-8926 and have your vehicle VIN # ready.

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Mike Corbin

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17 thoughts on “Free Subaru Headlight Replacement!

  1. Lynn

    I have a 2010 Subaru and both headlights just went out! Thank you for this information. I’ll be making an appointment asap:)

  2. Mike Wagner

    Thank you for this info, was not looking forward to trying a DIY on the left headlamp after struggling with the right one not too long ago. We contacted local dealer & scheduled replacement for Monday under this warranty.

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  4. Richard Desparois

    RE : If you own a 2010-2012 Subaru Outback or Legacy you will be pleased to hear that Subaru has just issued extended warranty coverage on the low beam headlight bulb extending to 10 years from the date of purchase.

    Do you know the number of this extended warranty notice?

    Does this notice also apply to vehicles sold in Canada?


  5. Krasimir

    Hello! Im just wondering is it possible to change or to put the halo on projector headlight on subaru impreza 2006 also how you have to put it on the projector headlights? Thank you

  6. Karen Sheriff

    I bought a 2013 Subaru Legacy brand new no problems with the car except for the headlights they seem to go out every 6 months a year after I bought the car at first I thought it was just using bulbs when I researched it I found out that Subaru has this problem with 2011 and 2012 Subaru Legacies and Outbacks is there a recall on this because every 6 months I have to change light bulbs In my car and the mechanic here charge $80 to do it does add up please call me 970 808 6013 thank you

  7. Gary Paik

    I just discovered the Subaru extended low beam warranty on your site. No letter no nothing! Two years ago we drove Five (5) hours in the dark with only day time running lights and fog lights! I really like the vehicle (2012) outback, but the poor customer service and constantly changing headlight bulbs, where you just about have to strip the vehicle down to the frame is most discouraging! I also changed quite a few of the little 194 bulbs.

  8. Mike CorbinMike Corbin Post author

    Hi Gary, Glad to hear they extended it. I think they listened to their customers because now (on the 2015 Subarus and newer) you can changed them from underhood again.

    Take care,

    Mike Corbin
    Smart Service Your Independent Subaru Expert

  9. Alan Sullivan

    We have a 2010 Outback and I have replaced at least 5 of the low beam. the first 3 or 4 was out of pocket and no receipts were kept due to no intentions of selling or trading the car. I received the letter and called and of course there are no provisions if no documents are in hand.

    The first 2 went out within a year or so of buying the car and then another one or 2 before the letter was received. I have had 2 replaced at the dealership in the last 8 months. The free replacement is fine and dandy but I do not live close to the dealer and have to take my time and fuel to have the replacement done. I am told the headlights are the problem but it seems to me the problem is with the wiring of the car. With the replacement no going to March of 2020, this tells me no effort is being put into correcting the problem. This being said, what provisions are going to be made for compensation of time and fuel. Subaru has a good rep for long life but this seems ridiculous if you have to replace one or more every 6 months to a year.

    I called Subaru twice and twice I have been told there is no one other than the rep who answers the phone to talk to about this. I spoke with the service manger during the last replacement and he said he would pass it on to his boss. So I may or may not get a call from someone. I think this need to be better addressed.

  10. Mike CorbinMike Corbin Post author

    Hi Alan,
    I sympathize with your frustration and wish I had an answer but at this point it looks like you’re at the mercy of Subaru. Keep in mind that you can purchase LL H7 Bulbs from Sylvania which the LL stands for Long Life. If you’re paying to have them put in yourself, it may make sense to equip it with a long life bulb since it is the labor that is the majority of the expense in replacing the 2010-2014 headlights.

  11. Kris

    I have a 2013 limited on that I have had a little over a year. I have had to repace headlight bulbs in it 3 times already and now I have another one out. Is there any coverage provided for the 2013 models?

  12. Mike CorbinMike Corbin Post author

    Hi Kris, To my knowledge there is no campaign or recall on the 2013 model year but it’s always worth a call to the dealer, they sometimes have the resources to opt to do it for free anyway within their “goodwill” budget.

    Good luck,
    Mike Corbin
    Smart Service
    Your Independent Subaru Expert

  13. Mike Myers

    We have a 2012 Outback for which I have had to change headlight, side marker and brake light bulbs numerous times. I read recently that the headlights may be covered under an extended warranty. Since we once again had a low beam light out, I stopped at the dealer only to find out, based in my VIN number, my car wasn’t covered. Typically I would think it wasn’t covered because the problem had been resolved, but this obviously isn’t the case. The same appears to be the case with the leaking high brake light in the Outback hatch. These known, but not addressed, issues are so annoying in a car that we like otherwise.
    Maybe if the design engineers were required to undo the fender liners in 10 degree weather to blindly try to replace a headlight bulb that shouldn’t have burnt out anyway, things would change, But I doubt it…

  14. Machman 57

    Thanks for the info on the extended warranty on the 2011 Outback low beam bulbs.
    I have been replacing them myself for the past 5 years at least eight times and it is no fun especially in winter.
    My wife’s 2009 ford still has the original bulbs.
    Why is this such a problem?

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