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Hello there!

I’ve been on the road for a few days now, and couldn’t be happier with the state of my ‘ol reliable Subaru. Yesterday it got me through the Bitterroot National forest, and what a beautiful drive that is. If you’ve ever got an excuse to hop on US-12 towards Montana, the forest is gorgeous, and there are plenty of pull offs to stop and look at the nature.
Today i am in Missoula, and will be busking the streets near the University here to make some money for lunch. Couldn’t have gotten here without the Smart Service crew getting my Subie (and current home) ready for travel.  I’ll be updating regularly, so keep an eye out to see where i go next!



Mike Corbin
Smart Service – Your Independent Subaru Expert

Mike Corbin

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Smart Service is a Subaru service repair and maintenance shop operated independently of Subaru of America or Fuji Heavy Industries. We are a family run business that combine high quality Subaru care, personal friendly atmosphere and a cost savings over the Subaru dealer. We have been supporting the Subaru community since 1999. Follow Mike on Google+.

2 thoughts on “Jack Johnson’s Travels

  1. annie

    can i ask a question here? I will. I’m in the middle of a head job on my 2011 4 cyl outback. It over heated in march…couldn’t find a leak…took to dealer for it’s 60K service (it was at 75K) they said no leaks, fluke, no problems found…good to go. a week ago over heated again and now I have damaged valve guide and need head gasket. Subaru of America “made” the dealership pay 100% of the cost after I went toe to toe with the dealership. (I LOVE Subaru…not so keen on dealerships. ) My question is, should I try to insist they use this after market gasket that you talk about? I am a 58 yr old single woman who knows very little about cars. I’m afraid the dealership is going to do a half assed job and replace only the essential parts to get me out of their hair. It’s the 15 of May and they said my car won’t be finished until they get the new head on the 19th of May. I have a few days. Please advise me if you can.

  2. Mike CorbinMike Corbin Post author

    Hello Annie, I’m glad to hear that Subaru is going to bat for you and picking up the tab for the head gaskets. Unfortunately you can’t insist that you use a diffenent gasket when they are doing the work for free. They will likely refuse. Also, if you supply them with a non Subaru part they will be unable to warranty the work. I’d just have them go ahead with their own gaskets.

    Take care,

    Mike Corbin
    Smart Service
    Your Independent Subaru Expert

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