Snow is Melting!

January 20, 2012

Hope this wasn't you.

Well I hope everyone’s Subarus  survived our Seattle Snow Storm better than this person. We’re back up and running at full speed at both shops. Remember, with flooding potential, don’t drive your Subaru in water that’s much deeper than half way up the wheel. Much higher than that you risk sucking water into the engine and damaging the motor.  Also, creep slowly in case it’s deeper than you expected you can always back out.
One more thing, if you were unfortunate enough to slide into any curbs during the snow, listen for a wum,wum,wum noise in the future from the wheel areas. We’ve seen that wheel bearings will start to fail around 6 months after the impact. If your car was in a fender bender and any of the wheels were hit, make sure the insurance company knows this too, so if the bearing does fail later they will still include it in the claim.
Safe driving!

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  1. Great winter/spring driving tips! Thanks for sharing :)

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