Subaru WRX Recall Fuel Smell Fuel Leak

I just wanted to pass along some information about a recent recall that Subaru put out for Subaru 2002 and 2003 WRX vehicles with possible fuel leakage issues and fuel smell on cold days.

Below is a link to the letter that Subaru has been sending out to WRX owners. Please take the time to read it. It could save you from bigger problems down the road if yours has one of the leaky fuel lines. The letter states that if you have already had the work performed you may be able to submit proof of the repair and some reimbursement is possible.

Keep in mind that the reimbursement may only be a portion of what you paid since Subaru tends to pay what they would have paid the dealer under warranty.

If you do have the repair completed at the dealer under the recall, you may want to ask how much more it would be to replace the remainder of the fuel lines under the intake since they’re much easier to do when the intake is off.

Good luck,

Mike               Subaru WRX Fuel Line/Fuel Smell Letter, CLICK HERE

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Mike Corbin

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2 thoughts on “Subaru WRX Recall Fuel Smell Fuel Leak

  1. Raph

    In regards to the 02-03 fuel smell fuel leak issue. I have a 2004 wrx wagon that you guys have worked on before (not for this issue). I purchased the vehicle in September of 2003. I have recently noticed the fuel smell/leak with the cold weather. In your experience would my vehicle be covered as part of the recall?

  2. Mike CorbinMike Corbin Post author

    Hi Raph,

    What you can do is call your vehicle VIN into any Subaru dealer. They will be able to tell you if your car fell under the extended warranty campaign on that particular issue and if it still applies or has expired based on the date and mileage on the vehicle.

    If not we can still take care of it. It’s a pretty involved job that we must remove the intake manifold from the car to get to the hoses under it.

    I hope it’s still covered. Take care,

    Mike Corbin
    Smart Service
    Independent Subaru Experts
    Seattle, WA

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